Vehicle Sourcing

Vehicle Sourcing

Fresh Motors Ltd

Our philosophy is to serve and meet your needs as a consumer, by offering an attractive value proposition to provide the right vehicle for you! However, in a market with thousands of used vehicles, it's impossible to stock every make, model and vehicle derivative of choice to satisfy every customer. Therefore, in response to popular demand, we launch our angle on vehicle sourcing - "Fresh Motors Ltd Sourcing".

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the size of the used car market and confused as to which vehicle is right for you?
  • Uncertain on industry language/terms used by car dealerships?
  • Frustrated you can't find the right vehicle and after hours of searching, settle on the next best?
  • Vulnerable to sales tactics and schemes used by most car dealerships?

This is just some of the feedback we've received from our customers, and is the inspiration behind the service.

With Fresh Motors Sourcing we aim to level the playing field between the used car dealership and the consumer by providing an intermediary service. We offer impartial advice and guidance at the beginning of the used vehicle journey to determine your exact requirements. We then match these requirements to vehicles using our network of industry contacts and sources which are normally unavailable to the public!

It doesn't matter if you don't have a vehicle shortlist, that one dream car, or even no idea at all, we will guide you through the steps and help get you the keys to your new vehicle.

Any questions about sourcing? Call us on 01953 797 272